The PRIVATE LABEL of "Fresh Food" packed in MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE in the Sales Store

After 10 years of experience in the packaging of FRESH FOOD inside the GD and DO store and in the food preparation businesses, we have created C26 SYSTEM to enable the Professional Operators to pack fresh food with the tecnology of M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), synonymous of natural freshness, keeping unchanged the characteristics of the Compac System, which:

  • range of heat sealer machine multisize without Changing the Mould

  • wide range of trays and vessels for cold food and for gourmet food by heat or cook

  • film reels antifog sealing and/or peeling off, neutral or printed


With the System C26S packaging of "Fresh food" in modified atmosphere (M.A.P.) inside the store:

  • heat sealer machine, safe, practical to use and clean, fast (240 pieces for hour), can seal, without changing the mould, a wide range of trays and vessels (two / three / four / six portions);

  • wide range of trays and vessels in APET transparent (gourmet cold-salami), and trays in CPET white/black (gourmet to heating or cooking);

  • film reels antifog sealing and/or peeling off, neutral or printed;

The advantages of the system C26S are:

  • elimination of the unsold goods (take away)

  • optimization of internal production by not having to produce daily

  • perfect visibility and optimum exposition of the product through trays and vessels sealed by film anti-fog

  • mono material packaging in PET facilitate the collection and make the energetic and material recycle possible

  • natural freshness thanks to use of natural gas like the ones used in the Food Sector that avoids or limit physical or chemical stabilisation treatments